About Us

Our Services

Organisation of scientific field trips, summer schools, wildlife tours and eco tours in Caucasus and Central Asia

Targets & Goals

Encouraging the development of ecological awareness in a region where it is not given but urgently required

Our Mission

Strengthen conservation projects and ecological education in Caucasus and Central Asia

Based on these principles, Central Asian and Caucasus School for Ecological Education was founded 2014 in Berlin, Germany. We work in close cooperation with scientists and environmental activists from Caucasus and Central Asia.

Our aim is to share with students, explorers and curious travellers the biological variety and cultural treasures of these countries. At the same time, we draw attention to severe ecological issues in the region that are closely linked to economic and sociological tensions.

Facing these issues consciously and critically, along with thinking about sustainable solutions on the basis of transcultural exchange – that’s what CACSEE stands for.


The CACSEE-Institute focuses on four tasks

Study Trips

Our scientific field trips enable the exploration of unique eco-systems, sensitize for ecological awareness on a global scale and bring together nature enthusiastic people. We are convinced that sharing the students’ knowledge with the locals will help spread the idea of nature conservation.

Project Support

CACSEE helps you network with scientists in the region and support you in planning permanent projects. The topics might be in the subject area of species and nature conservation, sustainable resource management, fair trade, development assistance.

Scientific Exchange

The expeditions of CACSEE offer a framework for local scientists and conservationists to present regional issues, campaigns and research ideas to interested junior academics as well as helping to establish international networks.


A main focus of CACSEE lies on the support of associations for ecological conservation in the Caucasus region and Central Asia. We support local campaigns in the field of environmental education by application for financial grants and use of the subsidies.


Our Partners

Yerevan State University

Kyrgyz National Agrarian University

Tbilisi State University

Institute of Geological Sciences
Academy of Sciences of Republic of Armenia

Center for Phytotechnology
Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences

Tsereteli State University Kutaisi

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University