Adventure Trips

Though CACSEE’s main goal lies in developing eco-educational field trips and summer schools, for those of you looking for ultimate adventure in Central Asia and Caucasus, starting 2018 we have some hand-picked offers, designed by our partners on site. 

Hiking Tour in Altai

Konstantin: “Take a look on the map. Find the spot, where Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan are crossing their borders. It’s where we are going on a 12-day hiking trip to the foot of Belukha – Siberia’s highest peak (14783 ft.) It takes us through the beautiful valleys of Altai – one of the most unspoiled natural treasures of this planet. Nikolas Roerich immortalized this landscape in his astonishing art. Altai provides you a completely new sense of spiritual energy.”

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Bike Tour through the Russian Steppe

Evgeny: “Get on your bike! We ride 280 miles in 9 days through the Russian Steppe. All the way down from the historic city of Stalingrad to the ancient merchant city of Astrakhan, where Volga flows into the Caspian Sea. Best time for this trip is in May, when the Steppe is covered by corn roses and tulips, and the birds are coming home for the breeding season. You won’t forget it!”

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Horseback Tour in Kyrgyzstan

Kanat: “Howdie! I offer you an unforgettable experience: a 16-day horseback-tour in Kyrgyzstan. Our Novokirghis horses will take us over 230 km to the most beautiful places of Kyrgyzstan, including Ala Archa, Song Kol and Yssyk Kul. Here you will experience the natural beauty of Tian Shan mountains and the ancient tradition of hospitality, as we stay overnight in Yurts of herdsmen and local CBT guesthouses.

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Two Peaks in South Caucasus

Gor: “Hi folks! Here is the Big One: Mt. Elbrus, as high as 18510 feet the highest mountain of Caucasus and even Russia. You want join me for a 14-day Ski Tour on its amazing slopes?

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You want One more? Here is the most Beautiful: Ararat – the holy mountain of the bible, where Noah’s Ark was guided to start a New Life. It’s not so easy to get there, but just for you: I make it possible.

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Close Up on Armenia: Workshop in Documentary Photography

Tigran: “Documentary photography – this is how you got a real Close up on Armenia – all of its natural beauty, ancient Christian culture and authentic people. To master documentary photography you would have to sharpen your skills in landscape photography, portrait and architectural photography – in order to develop a sensitive visual language. This is what we are going to learn during a 10-day workshop “Close Up on Armenia.”

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