August 3 – 23

$950 (For Students)

Route By Car

Total Route

2800 KM

Average Altitude

Average Altitude

1200 M

Highest Point

Highest Point

3800 M

Day Hikes

Day Hikes

5-15 KM

KYRGYZSTAN – the ancient hub of the Silk Road, situated in the myth-enshrouded Tian Shan Mountains, offers anything a curious nature lover can wish for. The sacred mountain Khan Tengri, the world famous Englichek Glacier, the unique Issyk-Kul Lake, the extensive walnut forests and much more.

In this most wondrous place, the collision of the Indian and the Eurasian plates crated here a fascinating landscape, marked by sharply uplifted peaks separated by deep valleys where a rich variety of terrestrial ecosystems housing numerous endemic animal and plant species.

Working in close cooperation with Kyrgyz National University and environmental activists, CACSEE we created for you a unique opportunity to discover Kyrgyzstan with all of its natural beauty, its authentic people but also with its pressing economic and ecological issues.


Arslanbob Relic Walnut Forest
Ala Archa National Park
Issyk-Kul Lake
Altyn Arashan
Song Kol Lake