Summer Schools

The summer schools are different than the Eco Tours. The Summer Schools offer an all-encompassing, interdisciplinary approach to the ecology of a region. The CACSEE Summer Schools are focused on one particular topic, providing a comprehensive approach to a specified field of studies.

2018 we are proud to offer you two summer schools.

Energy markets in Central Asia


This Summer School is focused on Central Asian Energy markets and in particular, Caspian oil. The educational program of the Kazakhstan Energy Camp covers the most crucial aspects of energy production and distribution within the Central Asia and global markets.

Kazakhstan possesses significant reserves of oil, gas, coal, uranium and has remarkable potential in renewable energies.

By hosting the World Expo 2017 “Future Energies”, Kazakhstan signalized its dedication to sustainable development goals.

By attending our summer school in Western Kazakhstan, you will be able to learn about oil production, processing, trading and transportation, directly on site. You will have the opportunity to speak to experts working in the energy sector: geologists, ecologists, traders, technicians and officials.

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to gain deep insight into cultural, societal and ecological changes going on in the country and experience its natural beauty.

Detailed information: Coming soon

Colorado Seed



Being a crucial part of the ‘Vavilov Heritage Seed Recovery Project’ coordinated by CACSEE and Lineage Seeds, this Summer School offers a comprehensive program into

– organic agriculture,

– seed production and

– breeding techniques.

The state of Colorado is known for its progressive policy and communal support of organic farming thus being one of the world’s most inspiring grounds for organic agriculture and ecological lifestyle.

Designed in cooperation with CU Boulder’s Environmental Center, Organic Seed Company Lineage Seeds and local farming communities, this Summer School offers you a broad overview of cutting edge organic farming techniques and environmental research at one of America’s most exciting places.

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