CACSEE stands for:

Central Asia and Caucasus School for Ecological Education

CACSEE is an independent institute, working in the field of sustainable and educational tourism. We offer you cross-disciplinary educational programs combining physical and economic geography, biology, agriculture, environmental sciences and cultural studies.

WE organize excursions, field trips and workshops. In this way we are empowering the international dialogue between local communities, civil society institutions and scientists.

All over Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus.


OUR mission is to share the beauty of the natural landscapes, the cultural treasures and the local knowledge of these regions with students, explorers and curious travelers from Western Europe.

OUR goal is to draw attention to severe environmental issues and to raise ecological awareness in a region where it is not present but urgently required. Facing these issues consciously and critically, along with thinking about sustainable solutions – that’s what CACSEE stands for.

Our cross-disciplinary program covers such topics as:


You will learn about use conflicts, resource management and
environmental issues of the region.

Wild Life

You will get a close up on the endangered wild life
and biodiversity of Central Asia.

Food Production

You will explore the traditional agriculture on the eve to

Cultural Heritage

You will discoverer the unique cultural heritage sites
and traditional lifestyles.


You will examine the impact of globalized markets on
developing economies in Central Asia


You will study the energy system of Central Asia and how it is
integrated within global energy markets.

Don’t be a tourist – be an explorer.