August 19 – September 08

from € 960

3-week Expedition

5% Discount if you have already traveled with cacsee
  • € 1300 regular price
  • € 1160 for PhD students
  • € 960 for students

Starting in Yerevan, CACSEE will take you 2500 km across Armenia in three weeks.

In cooperation with Yerevan State University we offer you a comprehensive program in Ecological Education, including:

  • Hiking Trips in the mountains.
  • Visiting of unique Cultural Heritage sites.
  • Day Trips in the National Parks.
  • Recreation on Lake Sevan.

For detailed information apply or contact:

Expedition Detailed Program and Registration


ARMENIA – cradle of Christianity. Situated in the heart of the Caucasus this small rocky country has a lot to offer:

The collision of the Eurasian Plate with the Arabic Plate created an unparalleled variety of climates and species. Volcano landscapes, semi deserts, alpine meadows and subtropical zones inhabit more than 8,000 floral and 17,500 faunal species only in the Armenian highlands. Over 8,000 mineral springs form the natural treasure of the country.

The natural resources and the cultural monuments of Armenia are just immeasurable. The first country that adopted Christianity as a religion, saw empires raise and fall, suffered major tragedies but still maintained its very own cultural identity.

With CACSEE, you will discover Armenia’s hidden treasures off the beaten tracks. That is guaranteed. Experience the hospitality of the people and the unique authentic atmosphere of the country during three unforgettable weeks.