July 28 – August 16, 2019

3 week  Excursion 

from € 1080

ALTAI – the mountains in the borderlands of Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia are among the most precious natural treasures of the earth.
The Altai Mountains have preserved the climate conditions of the last Ice Age, making it one of the few places on earth having retained ice age fauna and an almost complete sequence of altitudinal vegetation zones in Central Siberia.
The Golden Mountains of the Altai is the name of the UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Russian Altai Mountains. And this is exactly where we will be going.
Steppe-sands and permafrost, the Taiga-forest and Glaciers where Siberia’s major rivers rise, and the pearl of the Altai region – Teletskoye – The Golden Lake. We are going to visit these sites and learn about the unique prehistoric and diverse cultural heritage of this beautiful region. We are going to meet local communities and international experts on nature preservation.
CACSEE offers you a truly exclusive opportunity to experience the ALTAI region in all its facets during a 3-week EXCURSION.

In cooperation with: 

Altai State University Barnaul (AGU)

Russian Geographical Society (RGO)

Humboldt-Universität of Berlin